Sr Ida Bester, the true Baby Whisperer 

I first heard about Sr Ida on my first son’s baby shower from a friend who claimed that she knew this amazing Sr who worked wonders with her children. 

Being a first time mom I went to her Prenatal class where I learned everything from changing a nappy to bathing and breastfeeding and all the extras such as top-ups and supplements. 

After the birth of my son she came to my house only a week after the birth during which time she encouraged me all the time and gave me praise on how well we were doing and always gave moral support. 

During the first year of my son’s life I visited her regularly just to see if I did everything right. In times of need I could contact her at any time and she would always give me excellent advice. I would not have survived my first year without her. 

With the birth of my second son she was as usual ready to help and again gave me incredible support. As my son was born in December I had many questions over the holidays and as usual she gave me advice every time I called any time of the day or night. Even my husband always tell me to “call Sr Ida” when we are not sure of something. She is the true BABY WHISPERER!!!!!!!!!!


Charmaine Swart